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Whether it’s for training or marketing, get your story across in an engaging game players will remember.

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Rapdily map your game decision tree using our easy to use online game builder.

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Track player decision making, spot potential risks and measure behaviour change in real-time.

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“ We’ve seen a 400% behaviour uplift on completion of our training! ”
Tanis M Quadmark

Awarded by eLearning Industry as
one of the best eLearning authoring tools in 2020

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Isometric island from the "how to stay alive" game
Featured game

How To Stay Alive

By Adeptly

This is a prototype learning game (alpha) designed to test your basic survival skills. All of the content is based on the popular book 'How To Stay Alive' by Bear Grylls.

Play game: How To Stay Alive

Internet safety
Featured game

Be Internet Smart

By Adeptly

Bao wants to be the first panda to climb the uncharted Jungle Mountain...can you help?

Play game: Be Internet Smart

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