Authoring Tool FAQs: The What, Why, and How of Adeptly’s Software

Neil Glenister
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Discover what an authoring tool is and how it can help you.

What Is An Authoring Tool?

An authoring tool is a program that allows you to use pre-programmed elements to create multimedia software and content. Translated into simpler terms; authoring tools let you create resources you can use. For example, e-learning authoring tools allow you to create digital learning content either as shareable PowerPoint presentations or via learning games.

How Does Adeptly’s Authoring Tool Work?

Adeptly’s authoring tool lets you build a journey for your learner, in the format of a game. Using pre-simulated worlds, simply add your own content so that learners battle, explore, or adventure through their topic as a player in a game. Use either the Story Editor or Flowchart (drag and drop) to write out questions and answers that are presented in a decision tree. Then, choose your points system and make sure your game aligns with your objectives (teaching sales, GDPR policy changes, or internet safety). Once your game is generated, you can easily share it with thousands of learners to teach them the new material and track their progress.

How Is Adeptly’s Authoring Tool Useful?

Adeptly’s software is a game-based learning platform that also captures data as it teaches learners. This means that a user of this tool can enjoy multiple benefits. Adeptly is an effective learning tool for all learners, offers a deep understanding of learner behaviour, and actionable data insights.

It’s also really easy for anyone to build a game and its easy for any content or topic to be transformed into learning material.

Why Use Adeptly’s eLearning Authoring Tool?

Learning games created using Adeptly’s elearning tool have a hugely positive impact on learning behaviour. The tool is excellent for teaching new topics with a personalised, blended learning approach to thousands of learners. Adeptly’s software is also highly efficient at capturing data and allowing dashboard overviews of performance and understanding at both a granular and high level.

Who Can Use Adeptly's Authoring Tool?

Anyone who needs to teach a learning concept or capture and manage certain types of data can use Adeptly's software. Currently, Adeptly's tools are being used to teach all ages, including very young children, and there are multiple different language formats available for use. The games can be any length and offer flexible learning, suitable for learning capacities and speeds of all learners.

Discover Adeptly's tool or try Cyber Security, one of our learning games.

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Neil Glenister
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Neil is the Founder of Adeptly. He is a creative technologist who is passionate about EdTech. He often writes on the topic of game-based learning as a powerful tool for both data capture and upskilling. His favourite Adeptly game is 'Cyber Security'.

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